Monday, September 30, 2013


Untitled  by Jason Motsch

 I have an insatiable thirst for wonder.
Drawn by moonlit echoes, I crash upon the shores of
my muse time and time again.
Today the sun glitters upon his beard like
Ice crystals newly melted into drops of dew
on the end of a morning frost.
Mesmerised by a simple reclining figure in the sand,
untouched by time and space,
The sun pours from his mouth and melts the layers
of my spirit away.
I see the truth as a root system
webbing under the ground of my being
producing whole forests of vegetation where
birds rest on their way to different nests up high.
I am winging across the ocean
Sent back to this screen,
dripping my findings onto the page, 
where I gather them from a journey into wonder. 

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