Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Love Took a Walk

Love Took a Walk
by Jason Motsch

My fingers pour forth  ideas that 
grow in the city gardens, 
tended by a faery kingdom that illumines the
branches overhanging the blossoms on this night.
My mother sits on a park bench and 
guffaws at jokes the winged little beings delight in telling.
I see her there, her peasant smile, 
heart shaped face, 
loving countenance beaming with joy.
She picked a flower and had one of the faeries
deliver it tonight to me.
I didn't know that I was 
sitting only a few blocks away from her until 
my loneliness sprang up like a cold damp cave in my spirit.
But suddenly I heard barking and there was our old dog. 
I took her for a walk down the street and saw my mother and
felt her joy for my life and being alive again.  
She multiplied into ten of her and gave me applause for how well she thinks i am doing.
She gave a thumbs up for my partner and said to give him a hug.
I left her there and she will be there until i want to go back and visit again  
or until the faeries send me another note of mystical grace from the creator.
Love took a walk from heaven to my heart to this poem tonight.

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